David Quilty, Chief Executive, Pharmacy Guild of Australia (2012- )

“A visionary who has delivered real, bankable outcomes for community pharmacy. He leaves a lasting legacy in many areas, including dispensary remuneration, professional programs, e-health, and pharmacy standards and education”.

Grant Kardachi, President, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (2011-2015)

“Kos’s passion and commitment for the profession are legendary and he will long be remembered as the driver of many innovations and strategies which are now part and parcel of the community pharmacy scene. He has led the way for pharmacy in the healthcare sector in progressing the uptake of IT to support pharmacy practice. I have great respect for the work Kos has done for the profession and for community pharmacy in particular, and the ongoing viability of community pharmacy will owe a lot to his drive and unrelenting desire to get the best for pharmacists and for the community.”

Terry White, Chairman, Terry White Group Investments Ltd

“There are few who understand our industry to the depth that Kos does, and even fewer still who have been quite so proactive over the years.”

Terry White, Chairman, Terry White Group Limited

“The measure of anyone’s leadership is whether they have made a difference. As national president for the past eight years, he leaves the Guild in great shape and more importantly community pharmacy. Yes, Kos Sclavos certainly made a difference.”

Kate Lynch, CEO, Generic Medicines Industry Association (2008-2014)

“Kos has delivered significant achievements over eight years of outstanding leadership.”

Dr Deon Schoombie, Executive Director, Australian Self-Medication Industry (2010- )

“Kos has been a progressive and influential leader and a strong driving force behind a number of industry initiatives aimed at improving the health of Australians.”

David Quilty, Executive Director, Pharmacy Guild of Australia (2012- )

“I acknowledge the extraordinary contribution that Kos has made to community pharmacy in Australia. His passion and commitment is unparalleled and no one has done more over the last decade to secure the viability and drive the quality of Australia’s 5,200 community pharmacies.”

Dr Brendan Shaw, Chief Executive, Medicines Australia (2010-2014)

“Kos has made a tremendous contribution to the broader medicines sector. He has been a consistently passionate and committed advocate for community pharmacy and for the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. His passion for pharmacy was obvious to anyone who came close to him, as was his commitment to the broader health of Australians.”