Hon John Howard OM AC, Prime Minister of Australia (1996-2007)

“I recall with affection our many dealings in the time that I was Prime Minister. You were a staunch advocate of the interests of the Guild’s membership, but equally mindful of what was reasonable to expect from any government. Successive Health Ministers – including our new Prime Minister – frequently spoke to me of the constructive manner of their engagement with the Guild.
“You have given great leadership to the Guild, both in Queensland and nationally. I compliment and thank you for that. “

The Hon Peter Dutton, Minister for Health and Minister for Sport (2013-2014)

“You have always engaged professionally with governments and oppositions about issues that affect community pharmacy and the lives of the people who work in them. Many complex issues have been negotiated with both sides of politics under your leadership and you are widely respected in the corridors of Canberra. Community Pharmacy, an integral part our health system, has been very well served by your dedication over many years, especially your Presidency of the National Office and the Queensland Branch.”

The Hon Tony Abbott MP, Prime Minister of Australia (2013-2015)

“Kos has served the Guild and its Queensland branch with distinction for many years. I pay tribute to his passion and long-standing commitment to enhancing the important role of pharmacists and community pharmacy in our society.
“I have known Kos for many years and worked closely with him during my time as Health Minister. His contribution and tireless advocacy is respected by all. Kos was never a person who simply made demands of government. Rather, he would bring a proposed solution to a perceived problem, invariably a solution that involved people giving something in order to get something.
“As Kos steps down as National President, I congratulate him on his many successful years at the helm of the Pharmacy Guild.”